Wills and Estate Planning

When should you get a will, or update your old one? It’s never too early to have a plan. Whether you simply don’t have a will, or whether you’ve gone through any of these life events, now is a perfect time to ask a lawyer about writing a will and disability plan:

  • Got married
  • Had children
  • Children turned 18
  • Bought a house
  • Inherited property or assets
  • Became concerned about illness
  • Started a business
  • Adopted pets

I write wills for individuals and families, consistent with the latest Massachusetts laws. With my affordable, flat fees, there is no reason you can’t have a personalized will from a local attorney instead of a web site form. Along with wills, I provide power-of-attorney and medical proxy documents to help you plan for accidents and disabilities.

A will is an important part of planning for your family in case the worst should happen, because it allows you to make your wishes known (and legally binding) and lessens the amount of time and money your family must spend on the process of changing ownership of your assets and formalizing guardianship of your children or pets.

A sample of topics that I can cover in your will:

  • Identifying a trusted person to serve as executor
  • Assigning your assets to family members
  • Identifying trusted guardians for your children and pets
  • Making charitable donations
  • Setting up trusts for minor children

Other estate planning issues:

  • Protecting your home from creditors
  • Powers of attorney, to allow a trusted family member to make medical or financial decisions or care for your children if you become unable to do these things

Contact me today to get started at (617) 702-4045 or andrew@andrewlynnlaw.com, or using the form below.

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