Small Businesses

Contracts. Business formation. Corporate organization.
Branding and trademarks. Regulations and employment.

Essential legal services, personalized for your business, delivered on time and at reasonable prices. Whether you just need quick advice on one contract, or more complex matters such as LLC operating agreements or mergers, count on responsive, one-on-one service from a lawyer who knows business and makes your needs his priority.

As your small business grows, get access to many of the legal resources that large businesses rely on. I am happy to work with you on individual matters, and for many businesses that is an effective way to receive legal services. But the best business relationships are with the consultants you call regularly, and the best legal strategies are for ongoing problem avoidance, not simply problem-response.

“Part-Time In-House”: A Better Model for Legal Services.

If you’re like many small businesses, you wouldn’t call a lawyer until are already in trouble – and maybe not even then. I get it. Lawyers are expensive. You probably don’t have a regular relationship with one, and if you called a lawyer about every little thing you’d rack up those 1/10 hour increment bills quickly.

But by not working with an attorney regularly, you might be increasing you risk of legal problems. Disputes and misunderstandings over contracts, regulatory surprises, conflicts over service provision and employees, missed code changes – these distract you from your work and waste time and money. Where smaller companies respond to these problems by calling in their lawyer, larger companies avoid them by employing in-house counsel to stay on top of their contracts, relevant regulations and other legal matters. Big business executives turn to their in-house counsel for daily questions, contract reviews, advice on hiring, taxes, disputes with problem customers or suppliers, privacy concerns and any other legal questions.

With my “part-time in-house” service, you will receive many of the same benefits that corporations get from their legal departments, at an affordable monthly fee that will cover most or all of your legal needs. For my regular monthly clients, additional services are billed at reduced rates that are probably less than your IT guy charges.

Got a question, a problem, an issue on the horizon, or just want a brain to pick? Go ahead and call.

Focusing on Dispute Prevention.

Legal surprises mean delays, headaches and loss of time and money. With clear, consistent contracts, advice on best procedures and practices and current information on regulatory issues, you can reduce your exposure to risks and anticipate more problems before they happen.

Effective legal strategies begin at business inception: Partnership agreements, trademark registrations, regulatory matters, employee hiring and contracts. As your business evolves and grows, so do your legal needs, and with each step you need a partner to help you navigate. Equip yourself with sound legal strategies, well designed contracts and on-call advice when you need it, with no billing surprises.


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