New Service: No-Contact Estate Planning

In response to the recent public health crisis, I am now offering no-contact estate planning service.

I have had conversations with a number of colleagues over the last week who are suspending or cutting back estate planning work as they do not wish to risk causing or receiving coronavirus infections by bringing clients into their offices. I respect that position, and am avoiding the office myself – but I believe that it is more important than ever that we as attorneys serve our clients as well as we are able. People are nervous, they want their affairs in order and their health care proxies and powers of attorney in place, and that’s our job. I have family in other states who want to make sure their affairs are in order and feel forced to resort to sub-standard services such as legal document web sites.

Therefore, I am offering to provide the best professional estate planning service I am able to, while minimizing the risk to myself and others. No-contact estate planning means:

  • For all discussion, consultation, advice, etc., I will use video conferencing with clients who are able to use that technology, and telephone with those who are not.
  • The work product will be to the same standards as always. Clients should expect specific advice to meet the goals they express, and a personally tailored set of documents
  • All attorney-client agreements and other signed communication will be through electronic signature systems and all invoicing and payments will be electronic. For clients dealing with work loss due to the crisis, installment plan billing is available.
  • All drafts for review will be sent by email or secure documents system.
  • All work will be expedited so that, assuming the client is able to answer questions and review drafts promptly, projects can be finished in less than one week. If I am not able to schedule the time to complete work in less than one week, I will do my best to refer potential clients to colleagues who can.
  • A no-contact signing protocol will be used. I will print all estate plan documents on my own printer using paper that has not been handled without gloves, and present them in binders that have been cleaned with disinfectant. All execution information will be entered in advance to minimize the time taken at the signing. I will come to the client’s home, with notary and witnesses, set up a folding table outside the home and clean it with disinfectant, and conduct the document signing at as much distance as is practical.
  • The client will keep the binder in a safe place. When the current public health crisis is over, I will return to make scans and copies.

This service is offered to individuals and families in and near Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Boston, Arlington, Brookline and the vicinity. I have colleagues elsewhere in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire who are adopting similar protocols and will be able to provide similar services, so please feel fee to reach out if you are not near me, and I will do my best to put you in touch with somebody who can help.

If you or a friend or family member are concerned about estate planning, please reach out today by calling or texting 617-702-4045 or emailing